Net Green Works Mission Statement:

Net Green Works collaborates with businesses, communities, and the public sector to find environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable ways to manage finite water and energy resources in the age of climate change.

About the President of Net Green Works:

Alexandra Ewing is an environmental professional with 20 years of experience managing international and domestic, multi-disciplinary projects for the private, nonprofit, and governmental sectors.  Before moving with her family to Nashville, TN, she spent the bulk of her career living and working in Washington, D.C. and traveling all over the former Soviet Union, managing large, multi-country water and energy projects. Alexandra is a systems thinker with applied experience in life cycle assessment, environmental footprinting, environmental impact assessment, watershed management, and environmental, economic, and energy issue analysis.  Her PhD research focused on life cycle assessment, environmental footprinting, multi-criteria decision analysis, and analysis of the water, economic, and energy demands of food systems.

More information on Qualifications and Curriculum Vitae available here.